Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Customers in fertilizer or grain handling or who require gentle handling of pulse crops 

Key Selling Point: New IBEX mover kit, improved S-Drive and all commodity conveyor

The new BCX3 Field Loader includes a redesigned S-Drive, increased belt take-up, new wider hopper and a whole new ergonomic command center. The BCX3 also debuts the IBEX Mover Kit with better traction, drop and go wheel system and built-in braking system.

Territory Sales Manager at AGI Brett Hopkinson says AGI turned the BCX3 into an all-commodity conveyor, including an ability to handle fertilizer and oilseed. 

“We’ve also improved a lot of the operation, functionality and serviceability on the unit,” he says. “One of the big improvements that’s been made on this product is the IBEX drop-and-go mover kit. It’s very easy to engage, and as soon as that mover kit hits the ground, you’re off and running.”

The BCX3 is suited for a variety of customers and regions, including fertilizer facilities and seed growers.

“The BCX3 is for any customer that’s working with grain or fertilizer handling or requires gentle handling of pulse crops,” says Hopkinson.

Hopkinson adds that increased take-up on the S-Drive improves the unit’s serviceability and maintenance.

“Some other smaller changes on the unit that dealers should know about are improved hopper geometry,” he says. “We have a wider catch area on the main hopper to dump your grain into as well. We’ve improved the hood on the top of the unit for a better straight-down grain flow.