Greentronics' RiteHeight Sprayer Boom Height Control offers systems with up to eight ultrasonic sensors for improved performance in a wider range of field and crop conditions.

To best match the needs of end-users, systems may be ordered with from just two to al full set of eight sensors. A typical arrangement of an eight sensor system has two on the center boom and three on each outer boom. Center boom sensors are often configured as reference sensors for the outer booms. With two sensors on the center boom instead of just one, there is almost no chance of incorrect height adjustments due to deep wheel tracks, furrows, or other unevenness in the sprayers' path. And with three sensors on each outer boom instead of two or just one, boom height control is improved especially when following the ground or cop canopy in varying conditions due to hills, terraces or uneven canopy cover and height. ISOBUS compatibility is optionally available.

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