The 9016-HD High Dump Cart from Art's Way may be pulled alongside a harvester when opening and dump when full. This allows the harvester to run at a much more continuous pace, greatly reducing the amount of lost time. 9016-HD Dump Boxes are mounted on a two wheel cart. This set-up is ideal for wet fields and provides a rugged understructure to roll through tough conditions.

Features include reversible hitch for left or right side dump, axles that adjust fore and aft for best weight distribution and 4.5 inch bolt-in cold rolled spindles with heavy-duty 10 bolt hubs with studs and nuts. Also included are 30.5 x 32 in. 16 ply bias tires, a swivel hitch clevis that is adjustable up and down and 12,000 pound “crank style” jack.

The Cart is available with a scale system backed with four WeighTronix weighbars positioned on the frame. The indicator can be mounted to the box or inside the cab. In addition to forage, the Cart may be used for edible beans, peanuts, sugar beets, cotton, corn and soybeans.

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