The SoilWarrior Edge Strip-Tillage System from Environmental Tillage Systems combines the durability and versatility of a SoilWarrior system with a tractor mounted 3-point system designed for primary tillage and zone freshening. Operators can make adjustments to the system easily from their tractor cab, such as switching from 12 to 16 rows or changing row unit down pressure.

Designed with transportation safety in mind, the SoilWarrior Edge toolbar double folds, utilizing a six-row center section compared to an eight-row center section found on other toolbars. Capable of operating under a wide range of conditions, the SoilWarrior Edge produces superior planting zones without smearing or shearing the soil structure or leaving voids beneath the surface. The seedbed created by the SoilWarrior Edge allows for premium planter ride quality, helps enable accurate and consistent seed placement and optimal plant uptake of fertilizer blended throughout the zone.

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