NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Ag Tire Talk, a website that provides free technical information on Ag tires to tire dealers, equipment dealers and producers, is launching a quarterly podcast on new Ag tire products, “Increasing Yield thru Tire Technology: Q1 New Products.”

The podcast, which will commence on April 15, will feature new Ag tire products introduced within the preceding three months, focusing on products that can provide notable improvements in yield and productivity. Ag Tire Talk founder James Tuschner will interview company representatives on the technical aspects of their products, with additional podcast details to be announced soon.

“AG tire technology is advancing so quickly,” Tuschner said. “The goal of the podcast will be to educate dealers and producers on how the new technologies translate into tangible benefits in the field and on the road.”

AG Tire Talk, launched in 2016, has experienced a 100% increase in traffic in the past 12 months.

Key features of AG Tire Talk include:

  • Regular insights from Ag Tire Manufacturers on key topics such as: traction, flotation optimization, optimum tire deflection for best yield, and AG Tire Size Options/Conversions.
  • Warranties for all the major Ag Tire Manufacturers in one place.
  • Highlights on new Ag Tire Products.

In 2019, Tuschner launched AG Track Talk to provide similar information for AG Rubber Tracks: