Buckner, Ky. — Fastline, known primarily for its print and online marketplace for farm equipment, parts and machinery, is rebranding and repositioning as Fastline Marketing Group. The new name highlights an expanded and evolving suite of digital and marketing tools the company offers to the agricultural community alongside its traditional media properties. 

Fastline Marketing Group is a full-service agency that provides marketing solutions exclusively for agricultural dealers and manufacturers, many of whom lack the time and resources to market their business. With the rebranding, Fastline has positioned itself to help its core customers tackle the challenges of an ever-changing digital landscape, while building off more than 40 years of industry experience.

“Fastline has grown and evolved alongside our core audience throughout our history,” said John M. Anderson, president of Fastline Marketing Group. “We pride ourselves on listening to our customers —both the dealers and farmers ­— to create solutions that meet their needs. Fastline Marketing Group is a natural continuation of that promise and combines our experience with innovative marketing tools geared specifically to the agricultural industry.”

Fastline Marketing Group is uniquely positioned to reach and expand a market-leading agricultural audience that in 2020 included nearly 1 million farms, a 36% increase in annual website traffic and the ability to deliver tens of millions of digital impressions across the web and its social media properties.

The company provides a full suite of digital offerings including website development, SEO, digital advertising, social media and email marketing. In addition, its signature product, Aggi, leverages innovative technology to assist dealers in identifying and targeting their in-market customers to deliver unmatched industry marketing solutions in real time. 

Complementing its digital products, Fastline Marketing Group’s print products offer a unique opportunity to reach the 14.5 million rural Americans the FCC estimates lack high-speed broadband internet access. By utilizing insights gained from its own properties and publications — Fastline catalogs, Fastline.com, BigAG catalog, Pink Tractor and the Fastline Fast Track podcast — Fastline Marketing Group is able to provide an industry-leading suite of marketing solutions.