Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Growers looking more heavy-duty drops that can take more wear-and-tear

Geography: Most regions are suitable, slightly more wear in sandy soils

Key Selling Point: High ROI with less product needed, ease-of-use

The EZ-Drops Nutrient Application Tool converts just about anything into a side dress machine. The fold mechanism allows user to run drops full boom and still fold from the cab. 

The Premium High Clearance drop is intended for sprayers with a boom height of 102 inch or more during transport. They include heavy-duty stainless steel breakaway springs and stainless-steel high wear tips.

Co-founders Andy Blackmer and Jeff Heinsohn stress the high-wear durability of the premium EZ-Drops line, as well as the convenience the system brings to growers.

Heinsohn sees the EZ-Drops’ key feature as its crop-guided placement, which he says will improve growers’ accuracy and efficiency when laying down nutrients.

“Growers will be putting product in the field where the crop wants it,” he says. “The crop steers the placement and puts it right at the base of the plant, which also lets us go every-other row.”  

“People claim you have to go every row, but we can get the full benefit with half the drops because of our crop-guided placement, so the cost to the grower is much lower,” says Blackmer.

Heinsohn and Blackmer emphasize the diversity within the EZ-Drops product line, saying the range of options make it accessible to most farmers.

“We tried to make a system that all farmers and co-ops can use,” says Heinsohn. “We have the economy line which can go on just about anything, so the smaller growers will have the option to drop nitrogen just like larger growers.”

They recommend dealers emphasize return on investment when discussing EZ-Drops with potential customers.

“Any producer that uses EZ-Drops should have them paid off within a year or two,” says Blackmer. “I’d recommend show farmers the Dropstacle course video on our website. Once they see the comparison with other brands, they’re sold.”