Merlo's R70.24 S-Plus has an 80 foot lift height and the R70.28 S-Plus lifts up to 91 feet. Both machines have nimble maneuverability thanks to the hydrostatic transmission (up to 25 mph) with its electronic Eco Power Drive control and three steering modes. The EPD allows the rpm to vary, independent of the speed of the machine.

The load sensing and flow sharing hydraulic circuits seamlessly supply multiple, simultaneous boom movements with rapid 360-degree turret rotation for precision load placement. The chassis is surrounded by a 3 inch ring of steel. This lowers the center of gravity, provides greater protection of the machine and supplies perfect weight distribution. The robust Iveco four cylinder engine delivers 170 horsepower.

Supplementing Merlo’s 360-degree operator view (over 46 square feet of glass surface for brightness and visibility) is the 20-degree tilting cab. The tilting cab ensures an operator has continuous, visual sightlines of the boom and its load. Access to Roto cabs is now easier and safer with the addition of handles and steps on both sides of the turret.

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