Lemken's Rubin 12 26- and 31-Foot High-Speed Discs are designed for intense residue incorporation in all soil types. The 29-inch diameter serrated, concave discs provide a working depth of up to 8 inches, incorporating crop residue deep into the soil for faster nutrient release and compaction alleviation. This results in smoother, more uniform seedbed preparation and higher yields.

The wider 26- and 31-foot models are ideal for use with higher horsepower tractors for large operations with more ground to cover in a short timeframe. Operating at peak speeds, the 26-foot model can till up to 25 acres per hour, while the 31-foot is capable of up to 30 acres.

These Rubin 12 models feature all of the implement’s key design elements. This includes a patented symmetrical disc arrangement, which provides precise directional stability and eliminates side draft — even when working on an incline — for consistent cultivation and optimal penetration over the whole working width. These models also incorporate quality-engineered design elements, such as maintenance-free angular ball bearings, to tackle tough soils and large volumes of crop residue with minimal maintenance.

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