With working widths of 4 to 6 meters and a choice of 3- or 4-row models, Pöttinger's Terria Trailed Stubble Cultivator offers a wide range of tillage applications.

The Terria Trailed Stubble Cultivator’s tools are arranged symmetrically along the drag line. This ensures reliable penetration even in difficult conditions as well as driving stability, thorough loosening and perfect mixing.

Two settings allow adjustment of the leg to the desired task. Tilling intensity varies according to the position selected – flat or steep. The screws also function as shear bolt protection. Flexibility is also provided by two wing positions for shallow cutting-through or generous mixing.

To guarantee a turning circle that is as tight as possible the wheels have been integrated into the work area, resulting in a more compact total length. The machine is equipped with either a 2-wheel chassis or, as an option, a 4-wheel chassis, depending on the working width.

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