The Concord NT30SD Single Disc Drill with integral tank is a 30-foot-wide model that offers an improved air distribution system, as well as a more simplified design for easier calibration and clean-out. The integral tank on the NT30SD offers an industry-leading capacity of 175 bushels (6,167 L) divided 60/40 into two compartments. It includes multiple product level sensors for closely monitoring the amount of seed or fertilizer remaining. The tank has steep slopes for effective material movement with a dedicated meter flute for each seed opener, resulting in more even seed distribution and spacing for better emergence and production. The Venturi meter design eliminates the need for a pressurized hopper.

The NT30SD features section control that minimizes double seeding and fertilizing. The Drill includes three 10-foot sections that turn on and off independently according to whether or not the drill has already seeded an area. It can also utilize prescription maps and meter product by section based on location in the field. Curve Compensation, automatically adjusts the application rate of each section during turns and curves, so that a uniform seed and fertilizer rate is achieved across the width of the implement.

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