With the improved air distribution system on the Concord NT30 models, hoses are directly connected to the air distribution joint, allowing maximum air flow, gentler seed and fertilizer handling and easier maintenance. The streamlined design offers easier access to the meters for simplified calibration and clean-out. The integral tank can be emptied into a seed box placed at the front of the unit.

The integral tank on the models offers a capacity of 175 bushels divided 60/40 into two compartments of 105 bushels in the front compartment and 70 bushels in the rear. It includes multiple product level sensors for closely monitoring the amount of seed or fertilizer remaining.

The tank has steep slopes for effective material movement with a dedicated meter flute for each seed opener, resulting in more even seed distribution and spacing for better emergence and production. The Venturi meter design also eliminates the need for a pressurized hopper.

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