Cojali USA's T-VOD Onboard Control Unit collects data on the health status of the user's machine and on the current activity. The collected information is sent to the Telematics platform where it is displayed with the following goals:

Cost Control: It is possible to assess the economic impact that the customer supports, derived from the investment in fuel, raw material, breakdown time, inactivity, etc.

Efficiency Increase: Access to complete data and measurements, directly from the tractor and the implement in real time makes Cloud Diagnostics and Telematics solutions the ideal tools to detect trends and performance levels.

Minimizing Repair Times: Through Cloud Diagnostics solutions, customers have access to the store module and able to make a remote diagnosis of the machinery and detect the breakdown at the exact moment. This will enable the shop to anticipate the part or the repair tool needed for the reported error.

Comprehensive Campaign Planning: Creates crop plans with different tasks, machinery, products and plots that go beyond the project’s required needs.

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