Hiniker Co. recently introduced a new VOD Variable Orifice Distributor for anhydrous ammonia application rate control. The 17 port VOD controls anhydrous flow by simultaneously varying the orifice opening at all 17 distribution ports, maintaining pressure all the way to the distribution point.

A typical NH3 rate control system uses a ball valve or butterfly valve to regulate flow prior to the point of distribution. The pressure drop created at the outlet of the pressure valve can allow anhydrous ammonia to flash into a vapor, creating an erratic mix of liquid and vapor. This varying mixture then flows to a manifold for distribution to each knife. The Hiniker VOD system eliminates the pressure reducing ball or butterfly valve from the process. The result is near tank pressure with a liquid state maintained all the way to the point of distribution, allowing more consistent distribution and superior knife-to-knife accuracy, all without the need for a pressure pump.

The Hiniker VOD includes 17 outlet ports — unused ports can be blocked off for use with smaller applicators. It is pre-wired to connect to the Hiniker 8160 controller system. Interface cables are available to connect to Raven, GreenStar, Ag Leader and various other control systems.