Six Farm Equipment staff members, attended the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville in mid-February to scout out the latest developments in the North American agriculture machinery market. The 4-day event attracted more than 70,000 people checking out the latest advancements in farm equipment. For more on what editors saw, heard and experienced on the show floor — including video interviews — visit and Farm Equipment’s social media pages. 

Kinze 05 Series Planter

Kinze Mfg. introduced the new 05 Series planter. The advanced 4905 front-fold planter features True Speed technology, wing flex, a short turning radius and is offered in 12-, 16- and 24-row configurations. The systems, which will be available for the 2021 growing season, will be able to plant accurately and consistently at speeds from 3-12 mph. In addition, the True Speed meter allows growers to switch between corn and soybeans by simply changing the seed disc — there’s no need to change out any brushes or singulators. The 4905 is operated from Kinze’s Blue Vantage display, a 12-inch monitor attached to the steering wheel that can “get farmers from zero-to-go in just three clicks,” allowing farmers to get out into the field quickly during short planting windows.

Large frame planter models 4905 and 4705 feature a variable displacement piston PTO pump, which provides a simpler planter operation and higher efficiency to reduce tractor horsepower demands. Simplified hydraulics on the model improves serviceability and decreases planter lift times. Firestone IVF radial tires provide reduced compaction.

Great Plains BD7600 Series Min-Till Folding Box Drills

Expanding on Roy Applequist’s original first folding drill, Great Plains introduced the BD7600 Series of min-till folding box drills, which are available for the 2020 planting season. The new drills are offered in 2-section and 3-section models in sizes ranging from 26-40 feet. 

The BD7600 features a beefed-up tongue design to carry heavier fertilizer loads and a hydraulic jack stand. The all-new feeder cup, which meters by changing the meter wheel rpm, lets farmers meter large seeds, small seeds and fertilizer all through the same assembly. This allows for a split box design which gives the grower the ability to use both a small seed and standard seed both from the same box but apply them individually at different rates. 

Staggered wheels and chevron-shaped outlet gates help to deliver seed and fertilizer more consistently. Input gates located above the meter adjust the seed flow to the meter wheels, which allows producers to turn off rows to change row spacing or assist in calibration. The feeder cup has been designed to deliver product with greater accuracy and easier calibration, saving producers time and money.

The row units have alternating leading edges to improve planting accuracy even at larger sizes. Additional features include an optional magnetic camera that can be attached anywhere on the drill and feeds through any ISO monitor; a blockage monitor; a work light in the box itself; and a new hydraulic drive option.

Kuhn Excelerator XT 8010

Kuhn introduced its Excelerator XT 8010 vertical tillage tool at the National Farm Machinery Show. It provides “XTended” versatility, and the 22 inch blades are configured in a combination spacing with 7 inch front and 8 inch rear fangs, says Gary Johnson, senior product manager. “The 1-5 degree range that we operate in is still considered our vertical tillage range, but if you wanted an extended range, we offer a 6-8 degree gang angle which is good to take out a little bit of weed growth in the field or to help level the seed bed or fill in ruts. The gang angle adjustment is probably the largest feature we have in the XT at this time,” he says. Individual gange angles are manually adjustable with a standard mechanical threaded. Turnbuckle located on each gang. Optional on-the-go hydraulic adjustment allows the operator to adjust front and rear gangs on the same angle or independently, varying front and rear angles. Adjustable, constant flow hydraulics maintain a uniform operating depth while Star Wheel treaders and 24/7 HD conditioning reels provide the final finish.

Camso TTS High Speed Tracks

Track manufacturer Camso introduced its new TTS High Speed tracks for planters, which increase field mobility and reduce ground pressure, all while allowing roading speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, ready for the spring 2020 planting season.

According to Camso, the large footprint of the TTS (Trailed Track System) distributes the weight of heavier, high-capacity carts and toolbars, reducing ground pressure 30-80% compared to tires. It also eliminates pinch rows by replacing multi-tire contact points with just two track contact points per pass in the field. The double oscillating bogie suspension maintains maximum ground contact by reducing point loading conditions to the soil structure.

Dawn Equipment InRowl Roller

The Underground Agriculture arm of Dawn Equipment showed the InRowl cover crop roller, which the company says is designed to allow growers to roll down cover crops and suppress weeds or a living, green mulch between rows during the growing season. Ideally suited for growers with a short growing season, the InRowl will allow growers to plant into a short green, living cover crop, let it grow, and then roll it down later in the season.

Similar to the ZRX rollers, the InRowl unit features a chevron-pattern roller and outside deflector guides to help bring the cover crop material in toward the centerline of the unit. It is available in a hydraulic controlled version or a spring-controlled version.

Vermeer 604R Premium

Vermeer launched its 604 R Series of balers, ranging from the Classic up to Premium models. The 604 R Premium has additional capacity and has a higher density system and can produce up to a 30% denser bale when compared to the 604 R Signature baler. “The result of that is we’re putting more hay in each bale, stopping less often to drop off bales and using less net wrap,” says Josh Vrieze. “Then also the handling fewer bales by getting dense bales is a huge part of that.” The Premium also features an industry-first net lift system that allows operators to lift rolls into the back of the baler using an electronic thumb control.

Schaffert Zipper Closing Wheels

The Schaffert Zipper closing wheel is an all cast wheel that provides deeper penetration in heavier soils. Unlike a regular press wheel, Zipper cast wheels will not plug up with mud. Zipper closing wheels are angled so that when they engage the soil at the 5, 6, and 7 o'clock positions, they break down the side wall over the seed. Then, when they exit the soil at the 8 o'clock position, they are angled such that they release the soil, leaving it compacted around the seed. Because of this, farmers will not need to drag a chain behind them. According to Schaffert, Zipper closing wheels will not flip seeds out of the furrow, unlike some closing wheels on the market.

Yetter Cover Crop Devastator

Yetter Mfg. Co. highlighted its new Cover Crop Devastator. It mounts to the front bar of a planter and pushes the cover crop down before the planter row unit.

The Cover Crop Devastator preserves residue cover, reducing soil erosion. It features spring-loaded, adjustable down pressure, which is provided by two ½-inch diameter coil compression springs, for reliable ground following. Each roller section is equipped with two 1¼-inch square-bore, heavy-duty, non-relubricable, triple sealed, single-row ball bearings on each end. Its solid steel construction ensures reliability and durability. The chevron-patterned rollers will clear the way for cash crops and create a weed-suppressing mat in just one pass.

John Blue Pump

The new 3 inch Self-Priming Poly-Centrifugal Pumps from John Blue features a 3 inch port, 375 gpm max flow, 45 psi max pressure and 3,600 rpm max speed says Philip Burnham. Other features included a Vac-U-Seal impleller, close-coupled shaft, double wet seal assemble and chemical resistant materials.

Martin-Till closing system

Martin-Till showcased new closing system update for Case IH 2000 series row units to provide better seed trench closing in heavy soils. Steve Martin says, “We’ve achieved this by reorienting the covering disc to more of a V type angle and also the new axles allow for adjustable toe-in to change the trench closure for varying soil conditions,” he says. The system also features updated press wheel arms and the optional 9.5 inch Cupped Razors feature sharpened teeth that. Chip the side walls.

Worksaver Electric Sub-Compact Grapple

Worksaver introduced the new Electric Sub-Compact Grapple during the National Farm Machinery Show. No auxiliary hydraulics are needed. All that's needed is a connection to the battery, says Tim Burenga, vice president of sales. It's engineered for sub-compact tractors up to 32 horsepower with a loader to handle debris and more.

Titan Implement 3515 flex-wing cutter

The 3515 flex-wing cutter from Titan Implement offers a reinforced deck structure from front to rear and side to side of the center deck weldment. It features ¼ inch wall tubing along the length of the hinges for extra hinge protection. The wing fold hydraulic cylinder mount spans the entire width of the center deck weldment and ties into the cutter deck lift cylinder to achieve maximum structural integrity. Deck rings are standard on each deck to ensure bent blades do not damage the structure of the cutter.