LIBERTY, Mo. — Bob Clements Intl., the leader in dealership training & development, in conjunction with the Equipment Dealers Assn., is launching Dealership Certification, a series of training courses aimed at creating a benchmark of excellence in dealership operations. With over 30 years of expertise working in dealerships with owners and managers, BCI powers this program with all the information you need to make your shop successful.

Service Manager Certification, the first program in the Dealership Certification series, is being launched Nov. 1. This program trains and enables service managers to run an efficient, profitable shop. A comprehensive curriculum, it is for anyone who currently is or has the potential to become a service manager in a dealership.

“This certification program was developed to meet or exceed the certification standards of most manufacturers in the industry,” says Sara Hey, vice president of business development and speaker for BCI. “Partnering with the Equipment Dealers Assn., BCI has worked to assure that each person who engages in the program will be challenged to learn, apply and retain the concepts taught. This is an associate’s level course; each student will be required to complete assignments and pass a final exam evaluated by industry experts.”

This online program allows a participant up to 1 year to complete. However, it may be completed in less time. Once participants have successfully completed all requirements, they will receive a certificate of completion from EDA and Bob Clements Intl., Inc.

Designed to include every component of a service manager’s role, participants are trained on both the technical side of running a service department as well as the soft skills needed to manage, motivate and retain staff. There are 12 complete sections that cover areas such as the service process, customer service, marketing & growth plans, leading & directing your staff and developing pricing strategies.

“Our goal was to create the ultimate Service Manager training program. Making sure key managers understand fully how to make the service department a strong profit center for the dealership is key for success and this program provides those managers the tools they need to succeed,” says Bob Clements, president of BCI.

The certification is an online program that comes with ongoing support from BCI. Kristen Chavez, certification coordinator for BCI, serves as a navigator for students and has worked over the past year with developers to create an interactive and user-friendly application on the BCI Learning Management System (LMS). “Our certification programs utilize the use of our LMS in a way that guides each manager individually through the video-based courses, worksheets and applications. Each participant receives materials at the start of the program and a certificate upon successful completion.”

“This program will create an opportunity to join the elite ranks of EDA service managers across North America,” says Kim Rominger, president of EDA. “We are proud to offer this to dealers and manufacturers.”

At the upcoming GIE+EXPO, both Rominger and the team from BCI will be available to answer questions regarding the Service Manager Certification program.

Pre-registration for Service Manager Certification is now open and online classes will be available on November 1. For more information or to register, go to