Kubota's M4 Series Utility Tractor was designed to meet the needs of small cattle and hobby farmers, ideal for carrying round bales, pulling a small baler, loader work, raking hay and much more. All three models (two standard, one deluxe) have enhanced features, including a Category 2 pressurized cab and air conditioning. The cab is complete with a high visibility roof panel and retractable shade.

Operators will enjoy easy-to-access ergonomic controls in the cab, along with doors on both sides for better accessibility. The deluxe models have the economy PTO lever located inside of the cab for easier use, LED work lights and come with an upgraded operator’s seat and instructor’s seat for training purposes. The tractors have a 12F/12R transmission with two ranges and six speeds per range with the option to add a creep range.

The M4 Series comes standard with constant RPM management which ensures stable operation and increases efficiency. RPM dual memory saves frequently used RPM speeds. Operators can easily set the A & B settings and switch between the two RPM speeds without having to manually manipulate the throttle. The M4 Deluxe comes standard with electronic four-wheel drive engagement.

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