Merlo's P50.18Plus Panoramic Telehandler features a lift height of 58 feet, 5 inches; a reach of 44 inches and load capacity of 11,000 pounds and has the added benefit of independent, front axle mounted stabilizers. Boom side shift and frame leveling are standard and can be engaged with or without stabilizers in use.

Lighter in mass than similar machine, the P50.18Plus offers high ground clearance, hydrostatic transmission, 100 horsepower Deutz engine and Tac-lock system for simplified attachment change out. The stabilizers are designed to act independently of each other. On uneven ground, this feature ensures higher stability and continuous productivity. With stabilizers fully extended, the P50.18Plus can safely move and place more weight than machines without. When not deployed, the stabilizers retract close to the front axle giving the P50.18Plus unimpeded maneuverability.

The modular design of the P50.18Plus, with its “Plug & Play” electronics, has a cab (FOPS and ROPS certified) with over 46 square feet of window. The cab offers a wide split door, ergonomic seating, electronic joystick and simplified interfaces. Boom side shift, frame leveling and stabilizer deployment is only a button away from the joystick, ensuring seamless operator control.

The P50.18Plus is equipped with the Merlo MCDC, a standard operational safety software program.

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