H&S Manufacturing Company, located in Marshfield, Wis., has recently introduced the NEW BP2957 and BP2958 Bale Processors. The H&S Bale Processors ensure higher quality feed and softer bedding than other processors, while reducing feed and bedding costs. Unlike systems that must unroll the bale before shredding, the unique hydraulic cradle rocks bales of any size or shape over the hammers, so the entire cross-section of the bale can be shredded at once. The result is higher feed utilization and softer bedding. The H&S Bale Processor’s cradle system constantly and evenly feeds the hammers. H&S Bale Processors are available in left or right discharge models so your customer can choose the right model for their farm. With heavy-gauge steel and strong welds, this powerful bale processor shreds bales easily, even in the toughest conditions.

The left or right discharge H&S Bale Processors come with many great features including an exclusive rocking cradle design that handles and processes all types of bales including high moisture hay and silage bales. Both models are capable of handling up to 20 small square bales at one time, and feature fully adjustable loading forks to handle all sizes of bales. Simple hydraulics control the cradle rock and speed and have an easy cradle travel adjustment. Additional features include no belts or chains, unibody frame construction with high clearance, a deflector that can windrow product directly into bunks, twine removal access door opposite of discharge, and an optional hydraulic deflector lift.