With the Dealer Information Systems (DIS) Corp.’s DIS Hosting Service, dealers can rely on DIS to remotely host their business management system — instead of using their own local server.

This remote DIS server resides in a highly secure colocation facility with several physical and electronic security measures in place. DIS takes care of all the necessary hardware maintenance, software updates, data backups as well as air conditioning and electricity requirements of the server.

This in turn helps dealers save money, time and space for more fruitful endeavors. It also allows them to quickly restore their full business system access in the event of a natural disaster, without losing any data.

Benefits of the DIS Hosting Service:

  • Cut down on computer hardware maintenance and other expenses
  • Save time on regular software updates, backups and part replacements
  • Keep your server secure from fire and other disasters
  • Gain extra space in your dealership

Learn more today: https://www.discorp.com/hosting/