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In today’s episode of Farm Equipment’s Used Equipment Remarketing Roadmaps podcast, host Casey Seymour of Moving Iron LLC sits down with Damian Mason, former farm kid and turned comedian and host of the “Business of Agriculture” and the “Do Business Better” podcasts. He also is the author of the book Do Business Better — Traits, Habits and Actions to Help You Succeed.

Casey and Damian talk about the risk and reward with going all in on a project or business, and the differences between being good at a job and being good at running a business based around that job. 

Casey and Damian also discuss their thoughts on risk tolerance, drive, resilience and vision and how all contribute to being successful in business. They also share their visions of the future of agriculture.

And remember, we’ve got even more used equipment remarketing resources that we’re sending your way. In addition to this podcast, we’re also tapping into Casey’s expertise across ALL our informational channels. If you’ve got a question for Casey, submit a question and we’ll get Casey’s answer it on our Ask the Expert blog.  

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Farm Equipment‘s Used Equipment Remarketing Roadmaps podcast is brought to you by Iron Solutions.

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