The Alliance Agriflex+ 381 VF Radial Implement Tire is available in the VF320/70R15 size, which replaces 12.5L-15 tires on farm wagons, utility trailers and other implements. The Agriflex+ 381 can operate at inflation pressures as low as 15 psi, reducing soil compaction compared to bias-ply and conventional radial tires.

The radial is the only implement tire in its size with the added puncture protection of a steel belt. A stubble-resistant rubber compound provides additional resistance to stalk damage — ideal for no-till fields. The zig-zag rib pattern and aggressive shoulder lugs of the Agriflex+ 381 tread ensure good traction and steering while protecting grass, forage and cover crops from damage. The broad, even footprint reduces soil compaction; and the tire's D speed rating permits operation at up to 40 mph.

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