Fair's Model 7830-TD Bale Processor allows casting up to 100 feet and is ideal for reclamation, bedding, stock piling and feeding. The heavy-duty construction features large oil bath drives for the rotor and blower, eliminating all belts. The auger and blower are built on the same axis of rotation creating less moving parts and providing an easy transition for hay making it ideal for wet materials. The patented aggressive rotor with 0.625 inch thick flails has superior processing speed and durability, saving time and money.

The 7830-TD also features the patented bale ejection door, as well as large access panels for both the rotor and auger. These enable the operator to safely access all components from the ground without having to enter the machine. The 7830-TD is easy to operate. Using the full feature in-cab controls, the operator has complete control over the machine’s aggressiveness and can easily and precisely spread material where desired.

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