Lemken's Diamant 16 Plow uses OptiLine technology to shift the tractor/plow traction line toward the center of the tractor’s rear axle to eliminate lateral pull in operation. OptiLine features a pressure-controlled cylinder that transfers additional torque to the tractor. With OptiLine the operator doesn’t need to counter-steer the machine to correct side forces. 

The Diamant 16 shifts weight from the plow and front tractor axle to the rear tractor axle, reducing pressure at the headlands. This reduces fuel by up to 10% and boosts the pulling force and traction in the field. The onland version of the Diamant 16 allows it to be used with tractors with an external width of up to 4 meters. This ensures the wheels always maintain a sufficient distance from the furrow edges, even in difficult conditions.

For more information, please visit www.Lemken.com/en-ca/lemken-news/news/detail/detail/diamant-16-is-ready-for-launch/.