InternationalAgUniversity (IAU) founded as part of Sales-Academy Inc. by Frank Lee of Flower Mound, Texas. In 2014 Frank Lee announced his retirement and the news that he had handpicked David Gross from Coaldale, Alberta as successor in leading IAU.

David Gross, wishes to announce the acquisition of Sales-Academy Inc. effective immediately: “The past few years we have worked diligently to succeed Frank Lee in his Ag Business Training Programs, while effectively adapting to the changes in the Agriculture Industry. These programs are continually being enhanced and improved to maintain their flexibility and cohesiveness.”

In addition to the change in ownership, InternationalAgUniversity will be working on introducing a new web platform (, ). Be sure to tune in when they launch their new website that will host a wide variety of new features.

Dave also remarked, “We are excited to launch this new campaign in conjunction with this new purchase, we hope that this new platform will continue to be a helpful tool for sales-people all over the world.” The office is now located in Allen, Texas where they continue to serve Farm Equipment and Crop Input Dealers in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and soon to be South Africa. Dave also mentions, “The Ag Industry is extremely volatile. It is continuously growing and changing. By serving on a global basis we can learn more about industry trends worldwide, and then use that information to help dealership teams adjust and remain competitive.”

InternationalAgUniversity develops Agriculture Dealerships and their staff with the philosophy of “customer for life”. Programs offered are based on a long-term approach that shows salespeople how to shift their focus to the business side of selling and to the consultative approach through continuous training. Programs include: Behavioral Sales Program, Aftermarket Program, Sales and Sales Manager Program, Dealership Development and others.

In a structured and sequential manner, IAU participants learn how to forge long-term relationships with customers. To optimize the learning experience, IAU restricts classroom size to maximum 25 participants, which can be comprised from one dealership or a group of dealerships. According to a former IAU graduate, “For those who take the program seriously, it will make a good salesman great; a great salesman fantastic; a fantastic salesman – unbelievable!” Because IAU desires success for every student, each training module has built-in accountability to demonstrate that learning has taken place.

To conclude Dave finished by saying, “Unlike many other Business Training Programs, we understand that every business is unique. That’s why we build a program specific to your company to exploit that uniqueness in a way that inherently molds to your company’s values and core competencies. This can be especially important in determining a program that works for you.”