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“For freedom for thought and innovation, it’s good to accept learning from failure. I want my engineers to take some crazy shots and maneuvers, just as they would during a rally in a table tennis game -- to see what they can do.” -- Norbert Beaujot, president/founder of Seed Master and DOT Autonomous Farm Technology

For this podcast interview, recorded just feet away from the new product introductions on the farm show circuit, you’ll hear from innovator farm equipment manufacturer, Norbert Beaujot and the history behind the two companies he launched, Seed Hawk in 1992 and later SeedMaster in 2002.

Plus, you’ll get a special bonus as Norbert describes the unveiling of a new enterprise called DOT. You’ll hear in his own words about the autonomous platform he has been using on his own farm and revealed it to the public in late 2017.

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