ST. LOUIS, Mo. — The Equipment Dealers Assn. is excited to announce a new partnership with JobDepotUSA. JobDepotUSA is a specialty job board that focuses on the agriculture, OPE and industrial equipment, transportation and automotive industries. They are backed by T3 Recruiters, a national leader in specialty recruiting in these same categories.

In addition to accessing qualified candidates, JobDepotUSA offers partners an unconditional guarantee and additional incentive to hire recent Veterans.

“We (at JobDepotUSA) are extremely excited to work with the Equipment Dealers Association, says JobDepotUSA VP Blain Johnson. “While we’ve been working directly with many of the EDA’s members over the past 15 years or so, it only makes sense to partner with the good folks at the EDA to offer the services that we’ve bundled between placing ads on the industry-specific job board and backing up the job posting with the recruiting services of T3 Recruiters!" 

With this partnership, EDA is able to offer its members a 40% discount on job ads placed through JobDepotUSA, as well as a discount on T3 Recruiters services. EDA is also promoting jobs posted to the job board to candidates all over the country by way of their Workforce Development Database.  The database contains resources to help students discover technical schools and scholarships in their areas and is linked to JobDepotUSA’s job board so they can see current job openings.

“EDA is thrilled to not only promote JobDepotUSA to the industry as a whole, but also to enable our members to take advantage of their services at a discounted rate,” says Kim Rominger, President & CEO of EDA. “With workforce development and the skills gap of critical importance right now, we want to do whatever we can to help candidates locate jobs and facilitate the hiring of quality candidates.”

Additional information is available here