JOHNSTOWN, Colo (March 13, 2018) – Dairy producers in Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska can rely on the experience and professionalism of the team at High Plains Robotics – the newest DeLaval dealer and the first to exclusively sell and support DeLaval robotic solutions.  The dealership is a collaborative venture of well-respected Colorado businessmen Kevin Fiske and John de Jonge.

The owners and staff of High Plains Robotics are longtime Colorado dairy producers. Kevin Fiske, Fiske Electric, has his own 700-cow family dairy, and his colleague, Randy Checketts, was raised in the dairy industry and brings multiple years of experience with DeLaval solutions. John de Jonge is passionate about cow comfort and the success of the farmers. 

“High Plains Robotics has identified the need and is prepared to meet the demand for VMS in these large, western dairies,” Checketts says. “By pairing all of our industry expertise with DeLaval robotics, we’re confident we can bring the best solutions and support to dairies in Colorado.” 

Knowing the largest robotic dairy in the world is home to 64 DeLaval VMS, High Plains Robotics saw a match between the large herd expertise of DeLaval and the needs of Western dairies. Checketts and team were also drawn to the only robot that can preg-check your cows: the VMS Supra+. “The capabilities for preg-checking and monitoring mastitis and ketosis are going to be a great asset to the dairies out here,” Checketts confirms.

“We’re the same people you’ve known in your community for over 41 years,” Checketts says. “We’re really excited about this new opportunity for service to our dairies in the west.”

Clyde Olmstead, DeLaval districtmanager, was instrumental in starting up the dealership. “Having a robotics-exclusive dealership, especially while robotics are starting to take off in this part of the country, is going to be the ticket to these producers’ success,” Olmstead says. “A whole new set of management practices comes with robots, and High Plains Robotics will really be able to hone in on that with their customers.”

DeLaval takes pride in their extensive dealership network that continues to serve all types and sizes of dairies. To learn more about High Plains Robotics, visit, or follow them on Facebook.

DeLaval VMS
DeLaval began providing robotic solutions to dairies in North America more than 20 years ago. Although adopted more quickly by herds of smaller sizes, larger dairies are now recognizing the capabilities of VMS. The unique benefits of DeLaval robots can improve life on the farm in very real and measurable ways, with a seamless integration of human, cow and technology that DeLaval VMS is built on.

Fiske Electric
Fiske Electric, a well-known name throughout Colorado, has extensive experience in the dairy and agricultural industry, having completed the design and build of multiple dairies ranging in size from 700 to 6,000 cows. The professional team provides 24/7 support.

John de Jonge 
John de Jonge is a key partner in High Plains Robotics. He has been instrumental in cow comfort research and applied his knowledge to hundreds of barns around the world.