Bazooka Farmstar Infinity Series Boom Truck Manure Pumping System is equipped with hydrostat hydraulics, durable plumbing and has safety and convenience features integrated throughout.

The Infinity Series has centralized hydraulics that provide convenience and a professional level of safety to the operator. The “cockpit” style controls allow the operator to control all boom functions from one location; a boom remote controller is available as well. The Electronic Control System adds an additional layer of convenience as it controls the engine, knife gate valves and pumps with the push of a button.

The Infinity Series' triple fold maximizes efficiency and performance to simplify pumping from hard to access confinement buildings, slurry storage and deep lagoons. 3,000-3,500 gpm can be achieved via 15 and 17 inch hydrostat driven submersible pump options. Stainless steel and high-density polythene materials used in the external piping throughout the 65 foot boom eases maintenance and prevents premature wear and corrosion.

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