The Schulte VTX‐300 and VTX‐420 SoilStar Tillage Machines excel in any condition, from a light to an extreme tillage pass with aggressive concave discs to a vertical tillage pass or seedbed preparation with straight discs and everything in between. This is made possible through the ability to adjust the disc angle on the go from 0-22 degrees, along with the weight of 1,150 pounds/foot to deal with any type of crop residue or ground condition.

The SoilStar is the ideal machine for both vertical tillage and residue management. To accomplish this, 24 inch low concavity wavy discs are used for more aggressive tillage. The 22 inch straight 13 wave discs are used for vertical tillage. To accomplish ideal field finish both above and below the soil surface, the disc spacing is adjusted when working in vertical tillage or residue management mode. Adjustments are made simply by sliding the rear disc gang between stops.

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