Krone North America announced today that Tommy Jones has resigned his role as president & CEO of the company. Jones has been replaced in that leadership role by Rusty Fowler, who led the company for 28 years, from 1986 through 2014.

“Speaking on behalf of the entire Krone Organization, we want to thank Tommy for his contributions to the continued development of our company in North America,” says Fowler. “However, there are times when all parties involved realize that the leadership at the top must be adjusted to ensure consensus and alignment on business direction and goals. Fortunately, our existing leadership team averages over 25 years of experience with the Company which will ensure a seamless transition following this change.”

Fowler continued, “I’m excited to have the pleasure to lead this company once again. Krone NA has always had a concentrated focus on our core values as an organization, as well as putting our Dealers and Customers first. That focus doesn’t change. We know that when they are successful, we are successful.”