The Great Plains Turbo-Seeder is available in two different sizes and can be installed on select Turbo-Max, Turbo-Till or Turbo-Chopper models to perform two jobs in one pass. With Turbo-Seeder, producers can simultaneously till soil, size residue and plant cover crops in one pass, while also reducing labor, fuel and the maintenance costs associated with conventional planters.

Turbo-Seeder is a complete, easy-to-install attachment that comes with either a 24 or 45 cubic foot hopper. The meter shaft is powered by a 12 volt, 25 amp motor, while an 8 gpm hydraulically-driven fan delivers seed to the diffusers. Four seed rate meter wheels are included to achieve the desired seed rate. Turbo-Seeder can place high rates of cover crops and small grains, such as oats, wheat, rice and rye grass.

The Turbo-Seeder kit also includes a ladder and walkboard for easy access to the hopper and can be ordered with a new Turbo-Max or retrofitted to existing Turbo-Max, Turbo-Till or Turbo-Chopper units.

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