Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Growers looking to combine applications

Key Selling Point: Comes standard with an electric drive for the Zero-Max Meter and can cover a wider range of seed sizes and rates

The Turbo-Seeder cover crop attachment for Turbo-Max and Terra-Max offers a productive method for broadcast seeding cover crops with a vertical or hybrid tillage tool. With Turbo-Seeder, farmers can simultaneously till their soil, size residue and plant cover crops in one pass. The Turbo Seeder comes with diffuser plates to distribute the seed laterally and downward, as well as electric solenoids to provide section control on each half of the machine to avoid wasting seed on double-seeding.

The Turbo Seeder was recently updated to mount on Great Plains’ Terra-Max hybrid tillage tool, where it was previous only available on Great Plains’ Turbo-Max implement.

Senior Product Manager at Great Plains James Shurts says the main difference in this year’s Turbo Seeder launch is its standard electric drive for the unit’s meter.

“This is a 45-cubic foot hopper that’s driven by the core Zero-Max Meter, and this year we’re launching with a standard electric drive for the meter,” he says. “Our goal was to really minimize the hydraulic load on the tractor and make the equipment more versatile for most applications. 

“Now the Turbo Seeder also comes standard with all four meter rolls, and you can cover pretty much an infinite range of seed sizes and rates. You have a lot more flexibility with a completely integrated solution.”

Shurts says the Turbo Seeder covers a broad range of farmers but is especially ideal for farmers looking to combine their applications.

“This is for someone who’s looking for convenience, flexibility and versatility in their equipment, as it lets you eliminate passes and reduce time in the field,” he says.