Kasco Mfg. offers the HERD Sand, Salt and Mixture Spreaders in three PTO-powered models. Model 5.5 spreads 275 pounds of sand in one minute and the hopper can hold 550 pounds of wet sand or 5.5 cubic feet of material. Model 750S holds 1,200 pounds of wet sand or 12 cubic feet of material, and Model 1200S holds 2,000 pounds of wet sand or 20 cubic feet of material.

These spreaders feature a unique agitator system offering an even flow of material and are able to handle wet sand, dry sand, sand mixed with salt, sand mixed with calcium chloride, salt or chloride. Other features include a powdered paint coated hopper of heavy 14 gauge material and rugged construction to hold up against heavy use and the elements.

Model 750SSS is skid steer mounted with a hydraulic motor, which can easily be hooked up with a flow valve to control the width of the spread from the driver’s seat.

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