SnowEx's HELIXX Poly Hopper Spreaders feature a corkscrew, or “helix”, design of its material delivery system that is optimized for efficient and cost-effective use of salt. Whether spreading 100% salt, 100% sand or any mix in between, the HELIXX is engineered to prevent clogs and provide material flow superior to that of traditional auger spreaders.

A key advantage of the HELIXX is that it runs the full length of the poly hopper with variable flights. Combined with strategically positioned ribs/angles in the multi-dimensional tub, the HELIXX promotes optimal material flow and even unloading. The unique cab forward hopper design delivers better payload distribution to reduce stress on the truck. The HELIXX extends beyond the hopper and into the patented pre-wet mixing chamber to help prevent leaking/spilling during transport while providing an ideal location for pre-wetting material.

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