The Pentair-Hypro 3D Nozzle has been engineered to create the optimum droplet size for coverage. By eliminating the smallest droplets, it also reduces drift by 50-75% at low pressures compared to a standard flat fan without air induction. It is the first conventional flat fan nozzle to achieve an international drift reduction rating (LERAP 2-star rated for 50-75% drift reduction on sizes 03, 035, 04 and 05 at 0.7-1 bar).

The 3D Nozzle’s spray incline and droplet spectrum was designed to provide optimum coverage on vertical targets, like grass weeds, cereals and soil clods.

3D Nozzles are available in nine sizes from 015 to 08 (including sizes 025 and 035). Options include a single tip or FastCap version that includes the tip, cap, gasket and strainer all-in-one. The 3D FastCap utilizes SnapLock cap technology for faster and easier installation. The nozzles are designed to be installed with the incline alternating forward and backward along the boom for better coverage.

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