FlexWave technology by GSI ensures a more efficient alternative to grain bin sweeps, brooms and shovels for bin cleanout. Currently, standard grain bins are emptied through a combination of gravity and augers or bin sweep technology. However, with these methods, there’s always a remaining level of grain on the bin floor that needs to be swept out. It’s hard, time-consuming, dusty work that can also be dangerous if this chore is performed while an auger is still running. GSI’s FlexWave technology eliminates this labor-intensive and inefficient task. The system utilizes two large liners that alternately inflate and deflate, gently pushing the remaining grain into a centrally-located conveyor trough for removal, without the need to enter the bin. 

A control system automatically senses the amount of grain and shuts off when the process has been completed. FlexWave technology results in 99% cleanout and eliminates the risk of entrapment from falling grain or auger entanglement since it is truly a zero-entry bin unload method.

For additional information, please visit www.GrainSystems.com/flexwave.