Kondex Straw Claw Chopper Blades' self-serrating design uses a laser cladding additive on a through-hardened blade to control product wear and maintain blade sharpness longer. Controlled wear results in less chipping and blade damage, which in turn helps better maintain rotor balance and minimize maintenance. Straw Claw blades are replacement products for select late model combines using flail-style choppers.

Kondex Straw Claw Chopper Blades create smaller, more consistent particles for a thinner, more evenly distributed crop mat. This maximizes ground contact for the fastest microbial breakdown and easier planting. Straw Claw’s laser cladding enhancement provides a consistent, controlled wear pattern, which results in less chipping and blade damage to longer maintain rotor balance. Straw Claw blades self-sharpen as they are used.

For more information, please visit www.Kondex.com/strawclaw.