USDA is reporting the condition of both corn and soybeans declined again compared to a week earlier and to a year ago.

As of this past Sunday, 65% of corn acres are rated as “good” (52%) or “excellent” (13%). A week earlier 68% of the U.S. corn crop was reported as “good” (55%) or “excellent” (13%). Both of these fall well below the condition of corn a year ago when 76% of the crop was rated as “good” (58%) or “excellent” (18%).

Progress of the U.S. corn crop is also behind a year ago and the 5-year average. As of July 9, 19% of corn acres are silking vs. 30% last year on this date, and the 5-year average of 27%.

Some 62% of the soybean crop is rated as “good” (52%) or “excellent” (10%) as of this past Sunday. This compares with 64% (54% “good” and 10% “excellent”) a week earlier and 71% (57% “good” and 14% “excellent”) last year at this time.

The current percentage of soybeans blooming is 34% vs. 37% last year for this date. It is up by 2% compared to a year ago. Soybeans setting pods is 7% currently compared to 6% last year on this date and the 5-year average of 5%.