Coxreels has introduced a product enhancement to the spring-driven 1.25 and 1.5 inch SLPL models. Prior to this update, these models of the SLPL came standard with Coxreels’ aluminum inline swivel. Optional on all of these models was the outsourced 90 degree swivel. For customers needing a stainless steel fluid path, the outsourced 90 degree stainless steel swivel was the only option.

Coxreels eliminated the aluminum inline swivel on 5 SLPL models (725, 750, 825, 835, and 850) and incorporated a nickel-plated steel inline swivel (from the 1185-Series). This swivel increases the pressure rating of the inline plumbing from 250 psi to 1,500 psi. The nickel plated steel is also far more rugged and durable than the aluminum swivel that it replaces. The new swivel includes Coxreels multi-lobe seals for much improved leak integrity.

The new inline swivel is also available in stainless steel, which gives customers a choice with their stainless steel fluid path requirements. The stainless steel inline swivel fluid path is considerably more cost-effective than the 90 degree swivel stainless steel fluid path. The inline swivel also boasts a more efficient, less restrictive flow path than the 90 degree swivel.

The axle plumbing in both standard carbon steel models and optional stainless steel models was upgraded as well. The 135 degree elbow on the axle riser has been replaced with the Coxreels swept riser design (also from the 1185-Series). The swept riser design offers a less restrictive flow path for improved flow efficiency.

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