The Pöttinger TERRASEM Wave Disc is available for TERRASEM R3 and R4 as well as TERRASEM C4, C6, C8 and C9 seed drills and all models with direct fertilization.

The WAVE DISC cultivates the soil in water-saving strips — only the band on either side of the seed slot approximately 50 millimeters wide is disturbed; the rest of the surface remains untouched, providing effective reduction in evaporation. Moisture levels are retained by the uncultivated soil. Additionally, reducing the cultivation area to strips protects against erosion. The sufficient tilth remains for plants to develop perfectly during the germination stage.

The Wave Disc reduces soil movement in wet areas and does not penetrate the lower soil structure and or move the soil to the side. It eliminates smearing, allowing the seed to be perfectly placed in the loosened strips. The disc expands the drilling possibilities by making it possible to sow seed in waterlogged soil successfully and bring forward the drilling time.

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