The Cub Cadet 3X PRO uses a 3-stage system to plow through snow up to 50% faster than a traditional Cub Cadet 2X 2-stage snow thrower. This 3X PRO power is boosted by a larger, 14 inch accelerator to break up packed snow and ice, plus heavier 12 gauge steel side panels and an optional hydrostatic transmission to provide ultimate strength.

The 3X easily cuts through 18 inches of heavy, wet snow, including what the snowplow leaves behind at the end of the driveway. The 3-stage system works by first gathering snow, ice and slush, and moving it toward the center. Then, Cub Cadet’s high-volume accelerator cuts and chops through the snow, accelerating it into the high-performance discharge impeller, where it’s thrown up and out of the high-impact chute. These three stages work together to move more snow faster while putting the operator in complete control of speed and maneuverability.

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