The Cat TH514D’s updated hydraulic system provides fast, powerful, multi-function performance, which is complemented by its long-wheelbase stability and its ability to handle a range of attachments. A refined operator's station, plus optional ride-control and boom-float systems, ensures optimum comfort and convenience. Attachments, including forks and a choice of carriages, buckets, truss booms, winches, pipe grapple, sweeper, material-handling arm, concrete bucket and fork-mounted platform extend the TH514D telehandler’s versatility, and in some instances can eliminate specialized equipment on the job. A lifting lug with capacity matched to the rated capacity of the telehandler has been added to the underside of the boom head. This eliminates the need to remove a fork carriage for tethered lifting. A manual Cat IT (Integrated Tool Carrier) attachment coupler is standard, and a hydraulic coupler is available.

The Cat C3.4B engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards and requires no operator input, other than periodically replenishing the diesel exhaust fluid tank. A heavy-duty, 4F/3R power-shift transmission provides exact gear ranges for varied applications, and the Cat TH514D's four-wheel-drive system uses heavy-duty axles with planetary-reduction hubs, front limited-slip differential and dual-axle braking for enhanced safety.

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