The Sunco Implement Guidance Hitch, which when used in conjunction with Sunco Stabilizers and John Deere’s Active Implement Guidance System or Trimble’s TrueTracker Implement Guidance System will solve many of the issues with current implement guidance products.

The Sunco Hitch mounts on the front of pull type implements and not on the toolbar where mounting becomes difficult and is interchangeable between 2-point and drawbar versions. The Sunco Hitch efficiently steers the implement from a leading position instead of a trailing position. It allows the implement to steer on headlands or in reverse with the toolbar raised while at the same time eliminating crop damage and soil disturbance from rearward mounted steerable coulters.

The Sunco Implement Guidance Hitch does not change the pull point of the tractor like competitive swinging drawbar systems that negatively affect GPS tractor steering performance.

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