The Poettigner three-point Terradisc compact disc harrow units form the base for the Terradisc RT models. These models offer a solution to customers with smaller horsepower tractors, allowing them to cover a vast amount of acreage while reducing ground compaction.

The rubber packer roller eliminates the need of a road transport chassis, resulting in versatility and maneuverability. Two solid forged carrier arms welded to an extra wide clamping bracket provide the discs with high penetration power. This bracket is suspended by a maintenance-free, non-stop stone protection system featuring four 1.5 inch thick rubber elements. This design ensures the discs always retain their position and angle during use.

The rugged, notched discs, made of special heat-treated steel, ensure ground penetration even in heavy, hard soil. Their offset configuration mixesharvest residues effectively into the soil. The high-quality, sealed disc bearings, adapted from the construction industry, can endure high amounts of stress from considerable working depths and high operating speeds. The Poettigner Terradisc RT’s optimized design and geometry result in durability.

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