Saves Trips — Levels Beds —  Double Incorporates

The W&A Level Bander allows growers to eliminate half their present pre-plant herbicide costs by accurately spraying chemicals only in the drill area. At the same time, it does an excellent job of leveling rows as it cuts to find warmth and moisture. You can cover those acres quickly when you are working 12, 38-inch rows at a time, and when it is time to move, the Stacker Level Bander is designed for compact transporting. 

The unit features 12 depth adjustable root rooters, each with 16 inch sweeps. Three 6 foot wide spiral blade bed-leveling reels on the center section, and one 106 inch spiral reel on each wing mounted on 7 inch square x 38 foot stacking main frame. Two 5 inch x 30 inch hydraulic cylinders and hoses for stacking. Triple lip-sealed greaseable ball bearings and plow strength reel blades. Adjustable depth control for chemical incorporation with two pair #1338 ratchet adjustable gauge wheels, less tires. Extra strength 140 inch front truss hitch bar for Cat. III Quick Hitches.

With 12 depth adjustable root rooters with 16 inch sweeps, three 6 foot spiral blade bed leveling reels on center section and 106 inch spiral blade reel on each wing, mounted on 7 inch square stacking main frame with 140 inch front truss hitch bar, two 5 inch x 30 inch hydraulic cylinders and hoses for stacking, twelve rows of 1.25 inch bearing rolling baskets, rear parking stands, and two pair #1338 ratchet adjustable gauge wheels less tires. For Cat. III Standard and Quick Hitches.

An optional Middle Clean Out Attachment cleans middles and saves water. It mounts between the chopper pulverizing reels and the rolling baskets on your Stacker Level Bander. This means that in addition to having firm, level seedbeds you will also have clean middles for your in-row furrow irrigation.

Heavy duty furrow units attach to 4 inch square high strength tubing frames with heavy cast clamps and C1080 plow steel depth adjustable shanks.

Available on 12 row at 38 inch row and 16 row at 30 inch row Stacking Level Banders and Stacking Buster Level Banders

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