The VW32RPR paired row opener uses a slim front point to create a trench for the fertilizer to be placed 0.75 inches below and between the seed rows.

The paired rows of seed are created in the opener itself, not in the main front point. Other openers have a large main front point, which creates the paired row in the main front point. This causes major soil disruption, a hard pull and a rough field finish. The VW32RPR allows for very light draft, very shallow seeding. This produces ideal seed to soil contact for quick germination and emergence.

The VW32RPR paired row opener is similar to a canoe going through the water, rather than a barge. Super-slim VW7CC front point has three carbides making it one of the most durable points on the market. Customers have experienced long life with VW Manufacturing products; some have seen over 40,000 acres with minimal wear.

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