With its attach and go simplicity and its ability to deliver 100,000 pounds of force on impact, the self-contained Shaver Driver can drive a 5 inch post in under 15 seconds. 

The new design makes it easier than ever to use a Shaver Driver. Mounted with the Quick-Tach system, all that is needed is a hook up the two hydraulic hoses and the driver is ready to pound post all day long.

Elimination of the five gallon tank allowed the placement of the base plate to be closer to the mounting plate, improving stability. The stabilizer leg gives the driver a more stable platform, which improves speed and accuracy, while putting all the force on the driver itself.

Handy storage legs allows storage of the driver in the "hook-up ready" position.

Also available for 3-point with no return fitting needed.

For more information, please visit www.ShaverMfg.com.