Service continues to be a differentiator when it comes to gaining a competitive advantage in the precision farming business. Every dealer offers an array of hardware and equipment, but consistent, reliable and affordable support can convert a single-purchase farmer into a lifelong customer.

Precision specialists can appreciate “call it like they see it” perspectives from their customers when it comes to the quality and consistency of support. During a unique panel discussion at the 2017 Precision Farming Dealer Summit on Jan. 10, two tech-savvy farmers will candidly discuss their biggest challenges, victories and concerns integrating precision to their farming operations.

Speakers for this panel include:


Jeremy Wilson

Jeremy Wilson was raised on and still operates his family’s 1,200 acre no-till grain farm in Olney, Ill., adopting everything from advanced guidance systems to data collection platforms. Also working as a technology specialist with Crop IMS, an independent precision dealership, he’s well versed in data management and analysis, understanding the consequences that mismanaging valuable farm information can have on farm management decisions. Wilson will share his first-hand insight on a data disconnect between the “how” and “why” farm information is being collected today, along with what dealers can do to bridge this gap with farm customers through proper validation and calibration.


Rich Schlipf

Rich Schlipf started farming in 1988 after several years in the ag equipment business. Seeing a need to lead local education and training on emerging technologies, he and his wife, Kathy, formed Schlipf Precision Ag in 2003, and continue to manage their 700 acre corn and soybean operation near Milford, Ind. Specializing in planter systems and technology, Schlipf field tests equipment on his own farm and says one of the biggest pitfalls dealers can make is selling something they don’t understand. Schlipf will detail his on-farm experience with precision planting systems along with expectations for dealers to be available, informed and well stocked with the right components when farm customers need them most

3 Things You Will Learn from this Session

1. How picking up the phone when a customer calls builds trust

2. Why keeping current on technology trends will keep your customers coming back

3. The importance of stocking the right hardware and avoiding the phrase “I’ll order it”

Co-located with the 25th Annual National No-Tillage Conference, the 2017 Summit will be held Jan. 9-10 at the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark. Among the Title Sponsors making the learning and networking opportunities possible for dealers are CDK Global, Charter Software Inc., Equip IQ, Farmers Edge, Laforge Systems, Montag Manufacturing, MZB, Reichhardt, Western Equipment Dealers Assn. and Yetter Farm Equipment.

View the complete 8 page program here. For more information and to register for the Summit, click here or visit Stay tuned for more updates and speaker announcements. We’ll see you in St. Louis!