Only 3 states have yet to harvest at least 90% of their corn acres, while only 2 states are under that mark for soybeans.

Overall, 93% of U.S. corn acres are out of the ground and in the bin as of Nov. 13, according to USDA’s Crop Progress report issued on Monday. This compares to 95% last year on this date and the 5-year average of 92%. 

Michigan at 70% of acres harvested, North Dakota with 85% and Pennsylvania at 87% harvested are the only states that haven’t cut at least 90% of their corn.

Only 3% of soybeans are yet to be harvested this year. Overall, 97% of soybeans are in the bin, which equals the same percentage harvested last year at this time. The 5-year average is 95% on this date.

Michigan and North Carolina are the only states under 90% of soybeans harvested as of this past Sunday. Only 62% of North Carolina’s crop is out of the ground, while 14% of Michigan’s soybean acres are yet to be harvested.